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Here are some links to the US Patent and Trademark Office database.  

Each of the first two listed patents was the result of collaboration between Rob Housman and his former colleagues.  Although a single patent application was filed, two patents were issued after a "division of application" was recommended, hence the patents have the same title.  

The links are to the text of the patents; drawings can be seen by clicking on this button    but not here; go to the USPTO site first (by using the hyperlinks, below).  The button appears both at the top and at the bottom of the pages of patent text.  Be sure to review the Patent Office's Patent Full-Page Images if you have difficulty viewing these images.

5,277,782 Baffled cold shields for infrared detector.  

5,315,116 Baffled cold shields for infrared detector 

Other related patents (by other inventors):

This list is not intended to show all relevant patents; there are many others.

4,160,907 Thermo-optical far infrared system, Bly

4,217,026 Elliptic cylindrical baffle assembly, Radovich

4,225,782 Wide field of view-narrow band detection system, Kuppenheimer, Jr., et. al.

4,383,173 Infrared radiation detecting systems, Neil, et. al.

4,420,688 Device for detecting infrared radiation, Le Bars

4,431,917 Compact, high cold shield efficiency optical system, Gibbons

4,446,372 Detector cold shield, Gurnee

4,558,222 Infrared radiation detecting systems, Neil

4,609,820 Optical shield for image sensing device, Miyamoto

4,783,593 Optical system for wide angle IR imager, Noble

4,795,907 Infrared detector, Maekawa, et. al.

4,814,620 Tilted array with parallel cold shield, Comey, et. al.

4,952,810 Distortion free dewar/coldfinger assembly, Gustafson, et. al.

4,972,085 Cold shielding of infrared detectors, Weber, et. al.

5,196,106 Infrared absorbent shield, DuPree, et. al.

5,371,369 Conformal cold baffle for optical imaging systems, Kent

5,932,360 Hollow shell with internal baffle, Hazlitt , et al.

5,994,702 Method and apparatus for cold shielding, Clynne, et. al.





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